Resilience: Taking Advantage of Adversity

Stress and setbacks are inevitable. To perform at your best, you must suffer during workouts and competition. You must bounce back from injuries or mistakes. You must be a source of positive energy for the people around you, even when all appears lost.

In your life, obstacles and hardship will present themselves. Your boss will hold back your initiatives. Your competitors will employ dirty tactics. You will lose people you have loved.

Most people see these moments as a step backward, something to be endured. Others can go beyond, "I can endure this," and say, "I can find the good in this." 

Resilience: Taking Advantage of Adversity combines lessons learned from academic research, history's greatest thinkers, and the experience of world-class athletes to provide practical tools for making the most of stress and setbacks and finding the hidden value in the trials of life.


Part 1: Pre-Workshop Learning (Week 1)

Before you attend the live workshop, you begin to explore your own character, assess your current levels of resilience, and understand what resilience means to you.

You identify examples of resilience in your personal life, both in your own behaviour and the behaviour of the people you admire. You begin to understand that resilience is a skill, and that it can be developed. 

This act alone helps you to reinforce resilient behaviour, but in this program, it's just the beginning.

Part 2: Live Workshop (Week 2)

During the live workshop, you clarify your understanding of resilience and how it helps you to make the most of adversity. You discover real actions that you can take to build your reserves of resilience in good times, and thrive when circumstances take an unexpected turn.

Most importantly, you become part of a community of like-minded people, united in purpose,  that help to strengthen each other's resilience over the coming weeks.

Now, genuine change can begin.

Part 3: Post-Workshop Learning (Weeks 3 to 8)

This is where the rubber meets the road.

In the six weeks that follow your workshop, various learning challenges and activities will come your way that will invite you to apply the skills you learned during the workshop. Some will be self-focused, introspective and dependent on you alone. Others will require you to support others, give of yourself, and accept the gifts of others. 

These activities are opportunities to practise resilient behaviour in a safe environment, in ways that build upon each other, week by week. You will explore methods used by U.S. Navy SEALs, ancient Stoics, 21st century neuroscientists, and Buddhist monks, all of which support and build resilience... if you apply them.

Finally, we revisit your initial assessment of your own resilience, see how far you've come, and help you chart a course for your ongoing personal development.