About the 11th Skill Workshops

The 11th Skill Workshops help your employees, athletes or loved ones unlock the full potential of their mental fitness.

Live workshops are hosted at a location of your choice, in an environment in which you are are comfortable. 11th Skill Workshops have been facilitated in boardrooms, pubs, shopping centres and even on rooftop gyms!

Social learning reinforces workshop learning, and takes place via coaching support, email, social media and learner-directed activities. Ownership is placed upon the participants to take control of their learning, just as they take control of their training - they get out as much as they put in.

There are three major topics, and we can go deep or broad - we can combine ideas from all three, or focus intently on a single aspect of mental fitness. Depending on your desired outcomes, a workshop can be a stand-alone event, or you can take your athletes on a journey of discovery lasting weeks or months!

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Mindfulness: The Power of Focus

Whether you're about to serve an ace, tee off, take the game-winning shot or PR your snatch, your success depends on your ability to focus your attention and exist in the present moment.

This carries over into your life. Your job depends on focus and concentration. Your time with your family and friends is limited. When you think of the way your children (or pets!) live in the moment, you realise that to be truly connected, you need to be truly present.

Sadly, the modern age contains more distractions than any other point in history. You're probably reading this while travelling, or eating, or having a meal with someone you should be listening to! 

Our child-like ability to live in the moment has long since vanished. Distraction and multitasking saps our ability to engage with the people we care about, clarify our priorities, persevere through tough times, and get things done. 

Mindfulness: The Power of Focus develops your ability to focus on the present moment, and trains your attention and awareness of your world. The practices you will learn have been found to improve concentration, immunity, pain tolerance and most importantly, happiness. After all, if you're going to achieve your goals, you need to be present in the moment to truly enjoy it!

Resilience: Taking Advantage of Adversity

Stress and setbacks are inevitable. To perform at your best, you must suffer during workouts and competition. You must bounce back from injuries or mistakes. You must be a source of positivity for the people around you, even when all appears lost.

In your life, obstacles and hardship will present themselves. Your boss will hold back your initiatives. Your competitors will employ dirty tactics. You will lose people you have loved.

Most people see these moments as a step backward, something to be endured. Others can go beyond, "I can endure this," and say, "I can find the good in this." 

Resilience: Taking Advantage of Adversity combines lessons learned from academic research, history's greatest thinkers, and the experience of world-class athletes to provide practical tools for making the most of stress and setbacks and finding the hidden value in the trials of life.

Mindset: Growth Without Limits

You've probably heard someone say, "If I don't make this shot, I'm a failure," or "I'm just not built for strength." Be honest: have you said something similar yourself?

Are you focused on showing off your abilities, your intelligence, and your worth to the world? Or are you focused on development of your abilities? More to the point, do you even think it's possible to increase abilities intelligence? 

We're told as children that we're smart, or not, or naturally athletic, or a born troublemaker. We're led to believe that we can't change who we are, how brilliant or creative we are, how shy or stupid we are. We start limiting ourselves, avoiding opportunities for growth in fear that our ego will be damaged.

But the fields of neuroscience and psychology have come a long way since we were children, and history is cluttered with people who have achieved greatness without "natural talent". The right messages lead to a mindset that turns failures into feedback, and success into a reward for hard work. And it's never too late to benefit from these messages.

Mindset: Growth Without Limits is a research-based program that gives you the key tools to instil a growth mindset in yourself and those you care about. It is here that you will learn that you don't have to limit yourself anymore, that no trait is fixed, and that growth in any aspect of your life is entirely up to you.