Embracing Imperfection to Make Habits Stick

You should have heard from me sooner than now. I planned to build this habit of weekly articles that would eventually turn into a massive amount of content over time - it was gonna be great!

Anyway, life has gotten in the way. Various commitments, complexities, blah blah. But that isn't the real reason.

The real reason was that I had this assumption in the corner of my mind that each article had to be long and detailed, otherwise it just wasn't worthwhile. I couldn't just bust out a few useful phrases - there must be structure, links, images for God's sake.

Well, I'm questioning that assumption. A little bit of content is surely better than the theoretically perfect content that never gets written. And by making a tiny bit of progress a daily habit, it'll stack up.

That's my new assumption that I will be testing. What are your thoughts? What could you accomplish if you gave up perfection and took a tiny step today?