Embracing Imperfection to Make Habits Stick

You should have heard from me sooner than now. I planned to build this habit of weekly articles that would eventually turn into a massive amount of content over time - it was gonna be great!

Anyway, life has gotten in the way. Various commitments, complexities, blah blah. But that isn't the real reason.

The real reason was that I had this assumption in the corner of my mind that each article had to be long and detailed, otherwise it just wasn't worthwhile. I couldn't just bust out a few useful phrases - there must be structure, links, images for God's sake.

Well, I'm questioning that assumption. A little bit of content is surely better than the theoretically perfect content that never gets written. And by making a tiny bit of progress a daily habit, it'll stack up.

That's my new assumption that I will be testing. What are your thoughts? What could you accomplish if you gave up perfection and took a tiny step today?

Manage Your Own Expectations

When you think of the events in your life that affect you, don't fixate on the external circumstances, believing that those are the sole source of the problem. Your internal circumstances - your expectations, biases and beliefs - will determine how you perceive all the external stuff, and therefore how it will affect you.

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What is Resilience?

When you consider mental fitness as the 11th Skill, keep in mind that it is displayed in many ways. Just as your strength is displayed by lifting, holding and lowering, your mental fitness contains a number of factors, one of which is resilience.

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